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It is our pleasure to serve you and assist you in making this one of the most memorable days of your lives together.

Your wedding ceremony is one of the most important events in your life. A Catholic ceremony is, above all, a liturgical celebration that will be both reverent and meaningful. The wedding liturgy, whether it be a Mass with ceremony or a ceremony only, will help all who have come together to celebrate to give thanks and praise to God for his love. God's love is revealed in the love of the bride and groom.

Marriage preparation must begin at least six months before the wedding date. Brides-to-be are encouraged to call the church as soon as they start making wedding plans. Contact Judi Trick (228-1223) to set the date so preparation can begin.

Fr. Angelo and Fr. Matt are the usual celebrants at Holy Trinity. However, if you have a relative or friend who is a priest and you would like to invite him to preside at your wedding, you are welcome to do so.

Weddings can be celebrated on Friday evenings, but most are celebrated on Saturdays. Holy Trinity can accommodate two weddings on Saturday, a wedding Mass as late as 2:00 p.m. and a ceremony only time is more flexible. If you choose a wedding Mass later in the day, please plan to bring in your own priest. It is expected that you would cover the expenses for any celebrant you bring in from outside the parish. The visiting priest should contact our parish office about a letter of suitability.

A wedding ceremony outside of Mass can be celebrated by our deacon. 
At Holy Trinity, no weddings are scheduled during the Lent season.




Nuptial Ceremony

Normally,a wedding between two baptized Catholics takes place at Mass.When a baptized Catholic marries a person baptized in another Christian church, it is best to celebrate the wedding outside Mass since the non-Catholic and his/her family cannot share in the Eucharist. The ceremony outside of Mass insures that the non-Catholic party may participate fully in the ceremony, and that his/her relatives and friends will feel comfortable and included.

Baptized individuals preparing for marriage are required to secure a Baptismal certificate from their church of Baptism at the time they start their marriage preparation.

Persons registered in another parish are required to get a letter of permission from their pastor to be married at Holy Trinity Church.




Church Decorations
All candles in the sanctuary may be used for your ceremony. Aisle candles are not permitted under any circumstances. The parish has a unity candle stand for your use. Please provide your own unity candle.


If you would like to provide flowers for the sanctuary, you may place them on the back altar, by the lectern, or to the sides of the altar of sacrifice. No flowers may be placed on the altar of sacrifice. No artificial flowers are to be left in the church after the ceremony.

Pew Decorating

Pew bows flowers may be used and must be attached with large rubber bands or tied on with ribbons. No tape or pew clips are to be used. There are 18 pews on each side of the main aisle.

Aisle cloth

We do not recommend the use of an aisle runner, however, if you wish to purchase one from your florist, our aisle is ninety feet long. It may not be attached to the floor with tape or any sticky substance.


Mrs. Krista Schupbach is our music director. She will work with you in preparing the music for your wedding and coordinate with any additional musicians that you may wish to engage. Please call her at 937-204-4393 to make arrangements at least four months in advance of your wedding. Mrs. Schupbach has a partial list of music selections for you to choose from. Please call early to discuss your selection of music and musicians before making definite plans. The fee for music for all wedding is $300.00. To learn more, please visit Krista's web site here.

Dressing Room and Photography

We do not have a bride's room. However, a room in Trinity Center may be used for dressing and photography by clearing it with Judi at the parish offices. The charge for this room is $45. If this room is used, a family member or friend is to be designated as keeper of the key. It is also his/her responsibility to keep the area secure and pick up and discard any trash that is brought into the room. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in this area. There is no dressing area in the church for any member of the wedding party. No food or drink is to be brought into the church at any time.

Posed pictures may be taken in church before and/or after the ceremony.


Out of respect for our parishioners and the environment, confetti, rice, birdseed, and flower petals may not be thrown at Holy Trinity.

Adults who have joined the parish at least one year prior to their wedding date, or the offspring of registered members who have been away from home are considered parishioners, provided their parents are currently active, supporting members. The charge for parishioners to be married at Holy Trinity is $200.00. All others will be charged $600.00 for the use of the church. A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 is to be paid within one month of the date of confirmation and the balance of $300.00 one month prior to the wedding. This fee does not go to the minister performing the ceremony.

We do not charge for the Sacraments of the Church. Therefore, there is no required fee for the celebrant. You may make a donation if you so desire.


Fr. Angelo Anthony, C.PP.S.


Rev. Matthew Keller, C.PP.S.


Krista Schupbach

Judi Trick