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Tom Aldridge

Music Director

  My interest in music started a little later than most and at first on guitar.  I never really got very far when I discovered that the piano was more enjoyable (and easier of the finger tips.)  I pursued piano study for another 10 years until graduating from UD.  I picked up trombone in high school, since there was not much need for piano players in the marching band.  I continued trombone and played some at UD and in theater bands for a number of years.  While at UD, I began to help out on the organ at Holy Trinity and certainly believe that it was an influence upon graduation.  having several choices in different music venues, I chose to make church music my full time profession as organist and choir director at St. Anthony's in Dayton.

   Along the way, I somehow got lured into engineering and after a few technical courses, changed careers.  After a brief sabbatical from music, I returned on a part-time basis to Holy Trinity, a place I have always considered home.  While I continue to work full time in engineering, I still enjoy bringing music to life, not only as music, but a an important part of our worship.